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P+L Business Advice is proud to have worked with some of Australia's leading blue chip companies and government organisations. We have worked across the finance, energy, resources, transport, IT&T and health sectors and developed a reputation with our clients for providing strong business advice with a focus on quality and delivering value to our clients.

Some of our key projects include:  

Project 1

P+L was commissioned to review the IT Management practices, structure and processes, of a government central agency within the context of a wider government IT policy agenda. P+L provided recommendations to improve IT service, promote good IT practice, improve the cost effectiveness of IT and performing an exemplar role for wider Agency compliance with government IT policy.

Project 2

At a time of significant organisational changes being undertaken in one large government agency, one of P+Ls Directors was asked to temporarily undertake the role of Chief Information Officer.  This entailed the revision of a number of vendor relationships, including enterprise arrangements with key vendors. Additional work was undertaken in reviewing the cost structures of IT, services as well as undertaking an analysis of the agencies assets in relation to the development of a Total Assets Management Plan.

Project 3

P+L formulated a strategy and a structure for IT and advised on the merger of two government agencies into one new entity, including devising strategies for the merger of the ERP systems and disparate e-mail and desktop systems.

·         Provided strategic IT advice during major organisational restructure. 

·         Developed a pricing model for market testing IT services. 

·         Directed a project to renew an outsourced service arrangement. 

Project 4

Provided commercial advice, business cases and led negotiations to renew a number of commercial contracts. The most significant of these was a project to develop an entirely new model for the delivery of CCTV and related services, where P+L developed an innovative model for delivering these services resulting in service benefits and cost savings.

Project 5

Provided procurement and strategic advice on a major project to overhaul an agencies reservation and pricing models. Services included preparation of commercial schedules and tender documents; preparation of procurement plans consistent with agency policies; development of tender evaluation plans, processes and documentation; negotiations and contract schedule finalisation. Services also included strategic program advice risk management, transition and security advice.

Project 6

P+L advised on the evaluation and negotiation of responses to two RFPs for an energy supplier's Telecommunications and Infrastructure and Applications Support environments. P+L also led the transition phase of the project where two new service providers replaced one existing service provider and implemented a 100-day plan to bed down the post-transition outsourcing services.  P+L then designed and implemented the relationship management organisation and governance process.

Project 7

P+L was brought in to manage the final selection and contract negotiation for a business services outsourcing contract for an energy supplier entering a new market. The energt supplier required a a service provider to fulfill call centre and billing services. P+L managed the final tender assessment and evaluation and contract negotiation. 

Project 8

P+L was contracted to develop strategies in relation to consolidating one of Australia's big banks multiple telecommunications providers into a more effective commercial arrangement with a single provider. P+L led negotiations for the bank and developed costing models and revised budgets in relation to the sourcing deal.

Project 9

P+L was subcontracted to develop an IT costing and chargeback model and related processes for one of Australia's largest leading insurance companies.  P+L provided the financial modeling expertise as well as the expertise in application of the model to the IT environment and management practices.

Project 10

A government regulator contracted P+L to undertake a financial analysis of telecommunications options to identify savings against the current telecommunications practices within the organisation.  P+L’s recommendations were adopted in full.

Project 11

P+L advised a large media company on a service level regime for it's telecommunications environment and also closed an international deal to revolutionise the companies content management system supporting their suite of Australian daily and weekly news papers and related websites.

Project 12

P+L provided advice and services to a government sponsored e-health initiative on establishing a contract worth up to $150m for a supplier to develop and build an innovative national services. P+L designed and implemented a process to procure the system and associated services.

Project 13

For an Australian global resource company P+L advised on an outsourcing investment strategy and prepared the business case documents for the implementation of a global deal for IT infrastructure services, worth hundreds of millions of dollars (US).

On another assignment for this company, P+L, led pricing negotiations for global infrastructure outsourcing contract developing pricing models, drafting contract schedules, identifying and managing risks, and develop inputs for the overall business case.

Project 14

For a leading  Australian financial institution, P+L reviewed the commercial arrangements for a major business program with a significant IT component, renegotiating all commercial arrangements with the major vendors of IT software and services to the program and tying these vendors to fixed or capped price arrangements with specified deliverables within the organisation's critical path timeframe. Significant overall savings were attained.

On another assignment with this company, P+L were subcontracted to provide expertise in the development of processes to enable the company to assess its global telecommunications options and provided financial and strategic analysis of sourcing proposals for IT services and recommended alternative options for service delivery.

Project 15

For this large international insurance company P+L provided commercial advice, developing contract schedules and negotiating renewal of an IT services outsourcing contract for critical infrastructure.