Decision Analysis

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Helping you make the right decisions


Today’s business environment drives organisations to be increasingly efficient and competitive. Regulatory and legislative change also often means that organisations must change the way they do business.  This demands change, refinement and re-invention.  

For these reasons organisations are compelled to manage a continuos suite of complex projects, from early ideas to implementation ready projects.  Making the right decisions in relation to your projects throughout their lifecycle is critical to success.

Our Decision Analysis Practice can help you make the right decisions, shape your projects and to convince decision makers and peers to support your initiatives and ideas. 

We help executives shape and test their ideas for projects and translate them into well formed and governed projects. We can help you by: –        

Developing business cases   - We apply our proprietary methodology to help you analyse and construct the core shape of your project into a business case.  Business cases define the scope and core elements of your project and will be used to get organisational buy-in and funding. A business case generally leads to a go / no-go decision.      

Project initiation – The transition from business case to project is where the seeds of future problems and failure are sown. Good ideas do not automatically become successful projects. At P+L we are experienced at getting projects off the ground and maximising their chance of success.

Project assurance - Is the project on track, will it deliver, will we get the benefits and what can we do to help? These are the core questions executives want answers to.  P+L can help you answer these questions and help you fix problems!

Transition and Change Management – Most IT projects change the way businesses operate. Projects fail because of poor or non-existent management of business change. Misunderstandings between IT and the business not only cause frustration but lead to failure. With our experience of small to mega scale projects, we can help you construct and deliver an effective change management program.

Costing analysis and benchmarking – Am I getting value for money and is what I am paying for my IT services fair and reasonable? P+L’s combination of financial modelling and knowledge of IT management practices can you help you answer these questions, identify cost drivers and strategies to balance your IT investments.