Management Practice

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•Helping you realise and manage the benefits of your IT investment

Aligning an organisations IT strategies and plans with business outcomes is consistently reported as one of the top 3 issues faced by both IT and non IT executives in managing their IT investments.

The quality of alignment can vary significantly from business to business, but what is agreed is it has a direct and significant influence on a business, particularly for those businesses heavily reliant on IM&T to compete and deliver their services.

Through P+L’s  Management Practice we focus on helping business improve this alignment and ensure that their investment in IM&T is maximised.

P + L  consultants between them, have decades of experience, as working executives, at the CIO, CFO, senior program and project manager levels and as business advisers. We have both hard won experience and sound methodologies to help you achieve your goals.

P + L Management Practice can help your organisation realise the benefits of IM&T investment. We can help to:

  • Develop an IT strategy customised to your business goals and objectives
  • Develop plans and budgets to ensure your investments are sound and will deliver benefits to the business
  • Develop and review the structure of your IT function, including considering sourcing options, as a means of delivering some or all of your  IT services
  • Review and develop processes in your organisation for delivering successful IM&T services
As business advisers we stand  by our advice and because of our experience we are also able to help you execute your strategies and help you manage and navigate your way through transition and change processes.  This includes the experience and credibility of dealing with all levels of your organisation and stakeholders, from the Board  to the “shopfloor”.  Our strength in change management will help you communicate and achieve the changes you want to make.