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Helping you to manage the challenges of sourcing.

Sourcing is often a key management decision for senior executives. The drivers for sourcing can be varied and complex and like any important management decision it has inherent risks.

Developing and executing a sound sourcing strategy comes on top of an already busy workload for business executives, who ask themselves these types of questions:

Why and what should I outsource?
How do I develop and execute a sourcing strategy to meet my needs and get value?
How do I transition to my new supplier?
How do I manage my vendor so there is a healthy and sustainable relationship and disputes are minimised and managed?
What should I do when it is time to review or renew the contract? 

P + L’s  goal is to help you meet the challenge of sourcing and find the right answers to these questions. 

We recognise that sourcing is much more than a decision to acquire a product or service. A sourcing strategy can be vitally important to how a business operates. Sourcing decisions and strategies are often complex and difficult.  

At P+L we can help you manage through the entire sourcing life cycle and ensure you achieve benefits for your business. We can also help with specific sourcing problems. Our assignments often start with simply troubleshooting a specific problem and evolve over time as our client face further sourcing decisions.

At P+L we use our precedents, models and experience to your benefit. At the same time we understand that the uniqueness of each client demands innovative solutions to achieve a good fit for your business.   

As former CIOs and CFOs,  P+L’s senior consultants have walked in the shoes of executives faced with sourcing decisions. We have developed a proven track record in helping our clients across industries meet their sourcing challenges by balancing pragmatism and experience with creative and innovative solutions.  

P+L is proudly vendor independent. We guarantee to act entirely in your best interests.